The kitchen, the “heart” and epicenter of a home, is a room that serves many functions; a place of nourishment, a family huddle zone, an entertainment center and a place where memories are made.  Today, a kitchen is more than just a place to prepare food; it is a true reflection of the lives we choose to live and sets the tone and style for the entire home. At Napa Valley, we understand all that a kitchen represents today and that’s why we work closely with our designers to ensure that your kitchen is the best reflection of you, a kitchen that is worthy of praise.

Whether you are considering a kitchen re-model or a new build, Napa Valley Kitchens has you covered. We are experienced in all styles of cabinetry from traditional, full of elegance and classic feel, to modern contemporary with a smooth finish and sleek design and everything in between. We accommodate spaces of any size and will work to design the best solution for you.

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